New features on the ServiceWA App

New features on the ServiceWA App Main Image

ServiceWA app now includes Emergency WA bushfire warning notifications

During our COVID emergency, Western Australians turned to ServiceWA to make navigating the pandemic a little easier.

In a national first, the McGowan Labor Government will use ServiceWA to send users localised notifications during bushfires.

Good, reliable information is critical during times of emergency, and this announcement makes it easier than ever for our community to get that information.

Unclaimed Money Added To ServiceWA App

You can now find out if you're owed any unclaimed money on the ServiceWA app.

The WA Register of Unclaimed Money has now been updated, with around 102,000 new records of lost or forgotten money.

Use ServiceWA to check if you’re owed money from WA organisations and government agencies for rental bond refunds, education provider refunds, overpayment on utility bills, dividend payments, and more.

You can select 'Unclaimed money' in the Services tab of the app and search the register to see if there’s any money owed to you.